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Ellie Barker designed these business cards for Fashion Bake, a business that sells homemade dumplings, bao buns and cookies from their kitchen in Northampton.

“Their business really kicked off during lockdown 1.0 and has become a much loved brand for those in and around Northampton,” Ellie said.

Fashion Bake_packagingFashion Bake business_card

According To Fashion Bake, their mission is to make a difference no matter how small. They hope to spread happiness and joy through food – making dumplings, feeding the community and connecting with the customers.

“I was inspired by the bright colours of Fashion Bake’s signature dumplings (pink, yellow and green) pairing them with strong pinks,” Ellie explained.

“Asian cuisine packaging is usually bold and beautiful and it was important to not lose that reference. We added our own spin on this with modern colour combinations and ‘cute’ styling with iconography.”

Fashion Bake illustrations

Another eye-catching element from the business card design is the adorable illustrations! The wavy lines are a nod to noodles.

The squiggle patterns are cohesive over all the designs, you see them featured on packaging, graphics and stationery.

“The biggest brand value for Fashion Bake is to spread joy, and that is achieved with these colours and patterns – you can’t help but smile.” We couldn’t agree more!

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These business cards were printed on uncoated recycled card by

“This gives such a lovely texture and matches the rest of the branding stationery we ordered. Fashion Bake isn’t a glossy brand, they use kraft boxes for their bao buns and try to do their bit for the environment so we wanted something that can be recycled but also looks stunning,” Ellie said.


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Fashion Bake business cardFashion Bake cards2Fashion Bake cardsFashion Bake packagingFashion Bake packaging_2Fashion Bake packaging4Fashion Bake stationeryFashion Bake stationery2

Designed by Ellie Barker

Printed by

For Fashion Bake

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