Fabrizio Falcone Graphic Designer Business Card

Fabrizio Falcone business card

Fabrizio Falcone designed these business cards for his personal branding as a graphic designer based in Milan.

When asked about the design ideas behind his business cards, Fabrizio replied, “For the design of the cards, I got inspiration from Bruno Munari’s book ‘alla faccia’.”

Fabrizio Falcone logo designs2
Fabrizio Falcone logo

He continued, “I started to draw different faces with the aim to reach a double ‘F’ for my initials (Fabrizio Falcone) and an anchor, as a reference to the brand of the well-known typographer at the end of the 15th century, Aldo Manuzio.”

The typography Fabrizio used in his branding project are GT America – font by Grilli Type.

These business cards were silkscreen-printed on Cordenons black paper 700gr by Associazione MUR based in Milan, Italy.

Fabrizio Falcone businesscardFabrizio Falcone logo designs Fabrizio Falcone logo1

Designed by Fabrizio Falcone


Printed by Associazione MUR

For Fabrizio Falcone personal branding

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