Ezra Jack Gift Boxes Business Card

Ezra Jack business card

Visionary Playground designed these business cards for Ezra Jack, a brand which was inspired around a modern and luxurious vision for well-thought-out and hand-selected gift boxes.

Visionary Playground designed the branding collaterals for Ezra Jack. According to Josh Tarin, the Creative Director of Visionary Playground, Ezra Jack’s gift boxes are perfect for every occasion and for any recipients. When it comes to the card design, he said, “Our vision was to use matte, earth tone colours alongside high-quality papers, subtle patterns and focused texture.”

Ezra Jack gift box


The typography on the back of the card is super catchy and impactful. Instead of using vibrant colours, Visionary Playground opted for earthy colours to give the card a more subtle yet elegant vibe while creating a nice balance to the overall design.

These business cards were printed by a local printer on a Luxe 32pt superfine paper, with simple uncoated matte-like finish. According to Josh, the goal was to have a very simple but premium look, feel and texture.


Designed by Visionary Playground

For Ezra Jack

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