Exotic Yards Gardening Business Card

Exotic Yards gardening business cards

Karen Mattiazzo designed these business cards for Exotic Yards, a Miami-based gardening and landscaping service for elevated houses and mansions.

The business cards exude an alternative, chic and artsy vibe. One of the features that’s in keeping with the company’s image is the leaf illustrations – super catchy!


A Classy Typography for the Logo

The typeface used for the logotype is a sleek font called Coco Regular. For the body text, Aaargh and Kohinoor Telugu are used.

Karen explained that they went with such a sophisticated typeface because the client mentioned he wanted to promote his services to high-end clients.

“I wanted the logotype to appear chic and classy, with thick and thin bits. Therefore, I applied a thin outline around the logotype to give it an exotic feel.”

“I also touched up some details and stacked it up, also nudging the logotype diagonally.”


“Exotic Yards is a one-man business and since the client is following his hobby, so I thought a diagonal logo would mean ‘Exotic Yards has arrived, nice to meet you’.”

Exotic Yards gardening logotype


Botanical Illustrations and Dark Green

The plant illustrations around the business card show a dense forest setting.

“The leaves have cuts and are almost geometric, so it’s out of the ordinary and not soft; dark and more masculine.”

“For a good texture feel, the background is grainy and gritty, like soil.”

Exotic Yards gardening stationery

As for the brand colours, Karen chose a dark background, so the dark green stands out well and looks like a deep forest.

She explained further, “Garden lovers are drawn to plants, trees, and massive leaves, and I’m one of them.”

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“Other colours, such as warm white, dark grey, olive green, foliage green, earth brown, and tan, all resemble garden work.”

“The mentioned colours also evoke or represent wood, dirt, solid, rooted, durable, natural, reliable, outdoor, rustic, fertile, healthy, restoration, growth, environment, to name a few.”

These business cards were printed on 200gsm paper stock with a matte coating by Minuteman Press in Miami.


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Exotic Yards gardening business cards Exotic Yards gardening brand

Designed by Karen Mattiazzo

Printed by Minuteman Press

For Exotic Yards

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