Eva Tech Business Card

Eva business card

Kristine Arth designed these business cards for Eva Tech, a women’s health technology company making The Bra™ that senses breast cancer.

Kristine collaborated with Julián Ríos, founder and CEO of the company, to create the full brand expression for Eva. Kristine managed the brand identity from start to finish, including naming, packaging, web design and other collaterals.

Eva Tech packaging


“The Bra™ is the first intelligent, portable and non-invasive wearable designed to detect abnormalities in the thermal patterns of the breast, an indicator for the possible presence of breast cancer,” Kristine said.

“After creating a full brand strategy, product naming and brand pillars, we created a custom wordmark, icon and brand identity to reflect Eva’s unique technology. After launching their first three clinics, Eva has achieved a 117% month-over-month growth in clinical users, continuing to help empower women in a safe and friendly environment.”

Eva Tech logoEva Tech logo
By using vibrant colour combinations, Kristine was able to communicate the brand in a simple yet powerful way. When it comes to card design, keeping the front side minimal while the other side filled with beautiful colours and curved shapes is an interesting strategy and particularly effective in transitioning a medical brand into a more approachable, user-focused branding.

Eva business cards

Eva Tech tags and productEva Tech posters

Designed by Kristine Arth

For Eva Tech

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