Espaces Temps Non-Profit Consultation Business Card

EspacesTemps business cards

Olivier Charland designed these business cards for Espaces Temps, a non-profit social enterprise that works with municipalities, universities, cultural venues and other organizations to help them imagine and implement innovative projects.

Espaces Temps is chiefly financed by this kind of consulting work, from which they draw a surplus that enables them in turn to finance autonomous initiatives bearing a social impact.

EspacesTemps_business card

The business card design is neat and minimalist.

It uses straight lines and bright colours to create a professional, bold and memorable brand identity.

“The idea behind the logo was based on the idea of a timeline. They join projects at different steps in their client process, to help them with specific aspects,” Olivier explained.

“It then makes the lines modular in the logo, to show this idea of flexibility.”

EspacesTemps logo concept

The typefaces used in the visual identity are Neue Montreal Bold from PangramPangram and Canela from Commercial Type.

“The choice to pair a modernist typeface with a strong serif one was to emphasize their core design principles and methodology paired with their human and social aspect. Bridging technology and design for a strong social impact.”

These business cards were printed by MOO.

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“We went with their environmentally friendly paper stock. What is great about MOO is the possibility of having a lot of different colour options of the same card even in small quantities,” Olivier commended.

EspacesTemps business cardsEspacesTemps business cardEspacesTemps envelopesEspacesTemps pensEspacesTemps bagsEspacesTemps letterhead

Designed by Olivier Charland

Printed by MOO

For Espaces Temps

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