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Andreas Friberg Lundgren designed these business cards for Enter Arkitektur, an architectural company that works on a variety of commissions ranging from housing projects to commercial buildings in Sweden.

According to Andreas, the arrow plays an important part in the design, not only by the client’s preference but also had been Enter Arkitektur’s brand mark for quite some time. The designing team had explored possible ways to incorporate an arrow in the visual identity, despite challenging but they did manage to create a logo that’s unique, exciting and said something about Enter Arkitektur, more than its correlation to the brand’s name.


Enter Arkitektur had come a long way with history going back to the 1950’s.

Taking that into account, and not losing out its contemporary importance in the architectural field in present days, a new brandmark was created by combining a capital ‘E’ for Enter (the brand’s name) with an arrowhead.

It’s a thoughtful brand mark, because while it may seem like a simple logo, one gets to see a house icon when viewed vertically – not one, maybe two!

“In uniting these two elements (the letter ‘E’ and arrowhead), we also form the first architectural typology in the resulting negative space and the second in the new mark’s outline. Through combining abstracted archetypes, we arrive at a simple and memorable brand mark that both relates to Enter’s history and past and leads them into the future,” Andreas explained.

These business cards were offset printed on a state of the art Komori Hybrid Print Technology press, on Fedrigoni Sirio Colour Pietra paper by Göteborgstryckeriet.

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The monogram is blind embossed and the cards come in two colors – grey and black.

A minimal design that’s modern, well-thought-out and has a significant meaning to the brand itself. Brilliant!


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Designed by Andreas Friberg Lundgren, Lundgren+Lindqvist

Printed by Göteborgstryckeriet

For Enter Arkitektur

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