Engler Studio Business Card

Katie Kirk & Nathan Strandberg (from Eight Hour Day Studio) designed these business cards for Engler Studio, an interior design studio in Edina, Minnesota. Katie and Nathan wanted to create a visual brand for Engler Studio that embraced its interior design skills and unique personality. The main element of the brand is a graphic combination of patterns that overlap each other, they represent:

  • the images and colors you might find on an interior designer’s inspiration board,
  • the play of patterns, colors, light and shadows you’ll discover in a beautifully designed room.

Depending on mood, usage, and needs, these patterns can be assembled in various combinations, resulting a system that speaks to both classic design and an innovative aesthetic. These business cards were printed using 2 PMS colors, emboss detail on 160lb DTC by Daily Printing.

Designed by Katie Kirk & Nathan Strandberg – “Eight Hour Day Studio

Printed by Daily Printing

For Engler Studio

Business Card Printing
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