Emilio Rubione (Cacho) Illustrator Business Card

Emilio Rubione a.k.a. Cacho designed these business cards for self-promotional purposes. The idea was to apply illustration alongside with his personal contact information.

Emilio said, “I wanted something with an illustration, which is my main activity. But also needed it to contain all my personal information.”

“So I put together a general box-like structure and began filling it.”

Emilio’s business cards were printed by Papel Principal, a printing studio specializes in letterpress printing.

“Letterpress printing is a traditional typography printing technique which had begun in the 15th century and been used prominently all the way till the 19th century,” Emilio said.

“Its usage has been increasing in the recent years though. In my case, this card contains low relief and was printed on textured paper.”


Designed by Emilio Rubione a.k.a Cacho

Printed by Papel Principal

For Emilio Rubione personal-branding

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