Ellun Solar Energy Business Card

ellun solar energy business cards

Kayron de Paula designed these business cards for Ellun, an energy company focused on maintenance and installation of solar panels based in Brazil.

“Ellun Energy has a unique way of seeing the world around it and its business,” Kayron said of his client.

“Focusing on not just delivering the work, but how it can influence and change the lives of its customers, society and environment.”


An Optimistic Brand Image

The business card design reflects a positive image with the use of bright colours. Kayron opted for a simple, minimalist design for the business cards.

“It was necessary to convey the message of a cheerful and optimistic brand without deviating from its status as a corporate brand,” he said.

“Ellun is a brand that’s committed to people, and its characteristics are expressed in the colour palette, typography and graphics.”

It’s also worth noting that by adding a QR code on the business card, the company can provide additional information without making the card look cluttered. A great way to maintain a clean and minimal style.

ellun solar energy posters



A Futuristic Typography

The typeface used for the logotype is called Ubuntu. According to Kayron, this font exudes a friendly, technological vibe.

“One happy coincidence is that Ubuntu actually means ‘humanity’ (in Zulu language of South Africa) and also refers to community and connection. Themes that are integral to the brand,” he remarked.


The Gradient: The Sun

Apart from the colour choice being bright and positive, there’s another important element that reflects the company’s core business.

“The main theme for how visual identity behaves is in the power of the link that unites the service that Ellun delivers and what it can bring to its customers,” Kayron explained.

“Therefore, some elements of the brand always seek to reinforce this message. For instance, the gradient merges together to form a sun on the business cards.”

Kayron also used mockups that were carefully selected to reinforce the messages of the brand. For example, the arrangement of business cards is just like the position of solar panels in a field.

ellun solar energy business card


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards are not printed, but if they were, Kayron suggested having them printed on a very thick uncoated paper (350 to 450 gsm).

“The objective is to have a very textured paper for the business cards,” he added.


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Designed by Kayron de Paula

For Ellun Energy

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