Eli Elo Fashion Business Card

Eli Elo business card2

Affinité Design designed these business cards for Eli Elo, a clothing store located in Africa.

“The client wanted to have a version with only a worked typography. My wish was to offer a fluid, sober but also dynamic rendering. Professional but with a touch of whimsy. I love to draw, and I love drawing logo types even more,” said Florence, the graphic designer at Affinité Design.

“The typography I used for the logo is Nickainley Normal. The typographies I used are always copyright free. For me, it is very important to have a typography that looks a lot like the logo, because it allows the client to be able to use this font on communication media, and that it is consistent with the logo.”

Eli Elo logo presentationEli Elo business_card
These business cards are not printed yet. According to Florence, there are two possible printing outcomes for the cards, “It would be either printed in full colour on white but textured paper or in white (colour) on kraft/black paper.”

These different paper textures are chosen to bring originality and an authentic appearance for the business cards.

Eli Elo business cardsEli Elo packaging

Designed by Affinité Design

For Eli Elo

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