Eggless Culture Dessert Shop Business Card

Eggless Culture business card

Anu Manohar designed these business cards for Eggless Culture, a dessert shop that serves eggless food items.

Speaking of the logo design, Anu said, “The logo takes inspiration from the thick frosting on cakes that usually have soft corners and slight irregularities. The design of the card is inspired by the modern Memphis design trend. The overall design has bold and colourful visuals that fall into a clean layout.”

Eggless Culture logoEggless Culture businesscard
The idea of standing out and be different from the crowd can be easily achieved by this colourful and memorable business card design.

“The icon style illustrations along with geometric elements bring out the Memphis feel but with a twist,” she added.

These business cards have not been printed yet but if they were, “The cards will be digitally printed on white matte textured paper (200gsm),” Anu suggested.

Eggless Culture business cardsEggless Culture card and packaging

Designed by Anu Manohar

For Eggless Culture

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