Efia Jewellery Studio Business Card

Anastasia Dunaeva designed these business cards for Efia, a Norway-based handmade jewellery studio that produces high quality accessories inspired by nature.

It’s evident that the business card design went for a minimal yet classy approach – with black and white being the main colour palette, enhanced with a touch of gold. “The main goal through this design was to show the elegance of product. The business cards were made as a great accompaniment to the jewellery collection. It was decided to use minimal colors and a little touch of gold, which is the same color from the real jewellery,” Anastasia said.


The logo was made out of the brand name and two thin lines of rings circling it. Apart from the graceful appearance, the typography is another important aspect that contributes to its overall image. “Elegance is absolutely associated with serif font, so we decided to use gentle typography to put the emphasis on feminine aspect of the brand.”

These business cards were printed on high quality 400gsm textured paper by Copycat in Oslo, Norway. The gold foil printing technique was applied to the logotype for that added luxurious and delicate feel.

Designed by Anastasia Dunaeva

Printed by Copycat

For ‘Efia’ Jewellery Studio

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