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Glícia Hellen designed these business cards for Ecoe, a thrift store brand with the concept of circular fashion located in Brasília, Brazil.

Ecoe values each person’s unique style of getting their message out into the world.

It hopes to convey a positive message about the future of fashion and consumption through offering clothes that are both comfortable and stylish while also protecting the environment.

Ecoe fashion logo


A Contemporary Brand Image

The goal of the brand identity is to convey the sustainable positioning based on the reuse of parts.

“The Ecoe brand reflects the concept of circular fashion. All the graphic materials of the brand were thinking about the reuse of parts,” Glícia said.

“The business card was built with different textures and cut-outs in order to reflect the brand’s concept.”

The business card design has a modern and unique appeal.

It has a bold and youthful vibe, and it still manages manages to capture people’s attention through some creative elements despite being minimal.

Ecoe fashion business cards


An Effective Logo Design

The word “echo” is emphasized in the logotype, with thinner and thicker stems following a grid designed to represent “propagation” and “frequency”.

Therefore, it symbolizes a sensation of movement.

According to Glícia, the logo was inspired by the concept of propagating a new consumption model – sustainable consumption.

“All letters (type) were developed using an organic shape that simulates the beginning of a wave frequency,” she explained.

“For complementary and supporting typography, we have Poppins and Sansita.”

“These typographies bring a mix of curves and different weights, reinforcing the idea of the organic.”

Ecoe typographic construction


Colours Inspired by Raw Materials

The brand’s colours were chosen based on raw materials. For example, blue represents the sea and jeans, brown represents the earth, and green represents leaves.

Blue and white are the two main colours used for the business cards.

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Glícia said, “The choice of blue tones and white was based on the visual aesthetics of the jean’s fabric (which is a classic raw material).”

“The goal is to show the tear and seam and thus create new textures. The inspiration was upcycled*.”

(Note: When something gets “upcycled,” it’s transformed into a new product that has higher value or quality than the one it was recycled from.)



The Printing of Business Cards

Although not directly involved in the printing process, Glícia suggested to the client that they print the business cards on Couché Matte 300g paper with varnish on the logo.

“The objective is to make an impact, that is, the card needs to have a greater weight to attract attention as soon as it comes into contact with the customer,” Glícia said.

“The laminated effect is intended to highlight the brand name, and get the customer to flip it over to learn more from the information provided.”


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Designed by Glícia Hellen

For Ecoe

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