Eatliv’s Business Card

Eatliv's business cards

Bruna Figueiredo designed these business cards for Eatliv’s, a frozen food company that helps people who don’t have time, desire, or knowledge to cook.

Eatliv’s mission is to make it easier for busy people to choose what they want to eat without compromising on food quality. The brand also hopes to show that São Paulo as a vibrant, loving city through its product.

“Eatliv’s was one of the most challenging brands to make. It brings the concept that eating is not only liberating and pleasurable, but also healthy and fun,” Bruna said.

“Starting on a small scale, the entire design was adaptable to various packaging and online or offline platforms.”

The business card design is striking with the use of red colour and bold typography. It’s also modern and exudes a cheerful vibe.

Speaking of the inspiration behind it, she continued, “My client wanted to portray agility, simplicity and a colourful brand. These same adjectives were used by him to portray how frozen food can be quick and simple to prepare without losing its colour or flavour.”

Eatliv's product packaging


Logo Design

The logo is divided into two parts: the name “eatliv’s” which is symmetrically composed with a modern bold font, and the slogan “Your way in your time” in a semicircle, to represent a plate, a cookie, or a glass of drink.

The logo was also made to be flexible and dynamic so that it could be used on different packaging, products, and future campaigns.

In order to add visual interest, both the letter ‘e’ and ‘s’ were purposely altered. According to Bruna, “The big slanted ‘e’ was used as a joke at the beginning of the creative process. Because it looks like the ‘e’ is devouring the other letters, associating it with the very meaning of the word ‘eat’.”

“The slanted ‘s’ was also used as a joke, symbolising a slip, as some unforeseen events happen in everyday life and don’t allow you to prepare a meal calmly.”

Eatliv's logoEatliv's logos

Colours and Typography

Campton Bold is the typeface used for the visual identity. The inspiration came from the city where the company operates.

“There are many buildings in São Paulo, but the city has a myth that it lacks love. So, we decided to use a robust font with rounded corners, to remind people that there’s love everywhere, even and especially in food.”

As for the choice of colours, “The client made it clear from the briefing that he wanted something colourful and tasty. For this, we were inspired by Asian foods, especially Arab foods, which are rich in colour, seasoning and a mixture of ingredients.”

These business cards were printed by Eskenazi Online Graphic in São Paulo.

“The cards were printed on 300g triplex cardstock with spot varnish applied to the large ‘e’ and logotype on the business card. The painted edges were red,” Bruna said.

Eatliv's business cards

Eatliv's cans_packagingEatliv's food packagingEatliv's packagingEatliv's sign
Eatliv's branding

Designed by Bruna Figueiredo

Printed by Eskenazi Online Graphic

For Eatliv’s

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