Dymak Home Décor Business Card

Dymak Business Cards

Fugitiva designed these business cards for Dymak, a Danish company that develops and supplies unique accessories in the home & garden industry worldwide.

Dymak was founded by two Danish friends backpacking the world. The company partners with its clients to design and manufacture products tailored to customers’ needs.

Dymak products
Dymak approached Fugitiva for the rebranding project, including creating a new website, business card and other visual communication.

“We helped Dymak to recapture the essence of the brand by creating a new voice-visual language that unifies the company’s ethos while maintaining the elements that have marked its history,” said Marisol Ambriz, the Art Director of Fugitiva.

As a company that aims to add value and provide well-designed accessories for customers, the business card is designed to stand out with illustrations of flower pots and garden containers. Apart from that, the business cards come in various colours as well – with earth tones being the major colour palette.

“The purpose of the voice and visual elements is to evoke nature and a sense of empathy through a warm colour palette, organic illustrations, and a simple and clean grid. The new visual identity promotes the brand’s values: trust, innovation and transparency.”

The typography used for the visual identity are Montserrat (as primary font) and Avenir (secondary font).

The client handled the card-printing themselves in Denmark. Even so, when asked about the possible printing outcome, Marisol suggested, “The cards are thought to be screen-printed on cotton papers with a matte finish.”


Overall, it’s a beautiful business card design that simplifies, clarifies and modernizes a 30-year-old global brand!

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Dymak Business CardsDymak_TagsDymak_TotebagDymak_EnvelopeDymak_Brandbbok1

Designed by Fugitiva

For Dymak

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