Dustin Wood Graphic Designer Business Card

WoodMill BusinessCard

Dustin Wood designed these self-promotional business cards for WoodMill, a creative agency owned by him that based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“As a freelancer, I’ve never really liked just going by my name alone. I can do so much more. From print design to web design to video and motion graphics and to photography. To represent a whole service of products I can offer, I created WoodMill – a shop that creates everything.” Dustin said.

“I love using textures and giving pieces dimension, so I tried to create that with my business card. I wanted to create a design that nobody’s seen on a business card, so that when a potential client is flipping through their stack of cards, mine stands out by default.”

Dustin’s business cards not only look good but highly functional! People will remember his name and the creativity he possessed.

“Originally, all I wanted on the card was my name, phone, email, and web address. But realized that some may mistake me for an actual woodworking company, so I included three areas of focus on the bottom of the card (Design, Photo, Motion).” Dustin added.

When it comes to printing, Dustin chose MOO for the job.


“These business cards were printed on MOO’s 32pt, triple layer uncoated Luxe cardstock – great texture and feel to them.”

“The next round of printing though, I’ll be looking into getting the woodgrain pressed into the back of the card.” We can’t wait to see that!

Woodmill logo

Designed by Dustin Wood

Printed by MOO

For WoodMill

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