Drogheria Design Studio Business Card

Drogheria Studio business cards

Drogheria Studio designed these business cards for their corporate branding as a graphic design studio based in Milan, Italy.

“The name of our Studio is in fact ‘Drogheria’, which is the Italian word for an old grocery shop where customers could find high-quality products and talk friendly with the seller,” explained Elisa Puglielli, the Graphic Designer at Drogheria Studio.

Drogheria Studio business cards2


“We created our identity by playing with the classic Didot font, which was once used on old grocery shop signboards.”

The business card design is minimal yet eye-catching, thanks to its bright red colour and the dynamic positioning of the letter ‘d’ in different versions of the print.

Drogheria Studio business card
“Our mission is to design tailor-made projects for our clients, by listening carefully to their needs and make for them always fresh and refined identities.”

“This resulted in a bold and catchy ‘d’ that changes inclination, which represents our positive and open attitude towards the projects we deal with but maintaining a trustworthy appeal.”

These business cards were printed by Tipografia Reali using a Stella Heidelberg.

“The cards were printed on 580g Arena White paper by Fedrigoni, using the embossing technique,” Elisa said.

Drogheria Studio business cards3Drogheria Studio_3

Drogheria Studio_4Drogheria Studio_5Drogheria Studio_6

Designed by Drogheria Studio

Printed by Tipografia Reali

For Drogheria Studio

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