Drap Agency Business Card

Mireldy Design Studio designed these business cards for Drap Agency, a Croatia-based creative and technology oriented agency that loves innovation and new media.

The basic idea was to make a visual identity that will unite (on one hand complementary and on the other hand opposing) the personalities of Drap agency.

“The logo is a compact typographic solution. It frames the playful line forms that fills its body. This way the mentioned opposing personalities are unified in a compact unique form. At the same time the shape of the logo leaves room for modular intervention. Out of its basis established a system and created the entire visual identity,” said Mireldy.

All materials are personalized so every Drap employee can have a personal visual identity.

“Whether you want to be a “Unicorn”, “Space director” or “Panda”, our visual identity can make it happen!”

The business cards were folio printed (red and white) on 320gsm Pop’Set Infra Violet cardstock.

Creative direction: Mireldy Design Studio (Imelda Ramović & Mirel Hadžijusufović)

Art direction & Design: Imelda Ramović

Illustration: Imelda Ramović

Printed by: Cerovski Print Boutique, Zagreb

For Drap Agency

Business Card Printing
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