DOBRO Business Card

Dobro business_card

Unifikat Design Studio designed these business cards for DOBRO, a hand crafted jewelry brand owned by Kasia Dobrowolska.

According to Paul Marcinkowski, the Brand Designer at Unifikat, each piece of DOBRO jewelry is handcrafted by Kasia in Warsaw. “Beginning with laborious process of hancurving in wax until the final polishing of the silver pieces – only classic goldsmith’s methods are being used in the process of creating DOBRO jewelry.”

DOBRO earrings
“DOBRO was inspired by the feeling of creative freedom and adventures yet to come. Kasia loves vintage aesthetics and her premiere collection was inspired by the visual opulence of the sunlit Mediterranean, hence the cheerful, bright shining sun on the visual identity.”

DOBRO logoDOBRO envelopeDOBRO jewelry box
DOBRO’s delicate ornaments are drawing inspirations from sun and water. Kasia’s products are all about details, which is why Unifikat began the creative process with ‘attention to details’ in mind. An elegant typography with a soft, vintage vibe was chosen (Josefin Sans and Cormorant Garamond). The design exudes harmony and elegance despite its minimalism approach.

DOBRO cardDOBRO typographyDOBRO business card_1
These business cards were printed by Indigodruk, a printing studio in Warsaw, Poland.

“These duplex cards were printed via CMYK colour print on two white paper 300g, creating a 600g cardstock which then finished with gold foil sides,” Paul said.

DOBRO business cardDOBRO jewelry2DOBRO branding

Designed by Unifikat Design Studio

Printed by Indigodruk


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