Diva Confectionery Business Card

Diva Confectionery business card

Otavio Gravano designed these business cards for Diva Confectionery, a new brand on the market specialized in cakes, pies, puddings and other desserts.

In addition to the taste, Diva Confectionery also values an impeccable presentation. For the branding project, it aims to reach the target audience in a friendly and inviting way but with a minimalistic design.

“The design inspiration came from the idea of presenting the business owner in a young way and in drawing, with the character smiling and giving the customer a sense of charisma and love for what she does,” Otavio said.

Diva Confectionery logo

Diva Confectionery logo2
Otavio created a pattern on the business card that’s similar to pouring chocolate on a surface, creating the chocolate stains to represent icing on the cake, cupcakes and pies.

The colour palette used in the visual identity were based on tones that resemble chocolate: brown (reminiscent of milk chocolate) and cream (reminiscent of white or vanilla chocolate); while orange being a nice combination with those two colours.

Diva Confectionery patternDiva Confectionery colour palette


The typography used in the visual identity are Bubblegum Sans and Exo 2, with the former conveys the human, accessible and friendly vibe while the latter, a support typography (which is considered Transitional/Neo-Grotesque) that creates a nice contrast with the main typeface.

diva_boxDiva Confectionery business cards
These business cards are not printed but if they were, here’s what Otavio suggested, “I was thinking to use coated paper 300g with a matte finish for the print. I decided to choose coated paper because it produces a sharper and cleaner print compared to uncoated paper.”

Diva Confectionery business carddiva_apron


Designed by Otavio Gravano at Gravano Design

For Diva Confectionery (Diva Confeitaria)

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