Deselk Studio Business Card

Deselk Studio designed these business cards for their graphic design studio in India.

“The visual identity was designed around Elk which is a mystical animal and it’s used symbolically since primitive times. We wanted to do something very modern with an ancient mark. So, the design revolves around balancing creativity and technicality, traditional and modern design. This balance is represented by its color palette – black and white,” said Navneet Yadav, the Graphic Designer of Deselk Studio.

“The business card was designed accordingly, the typography used has a very balanced structure that’s neither too edgy nor too curvy. We used the same font across the card to maintain synergy. And it’s carefully designed in a way that all the information is clearly visible and has proper hierarchy.”

These business cards were printed on 320gsm paper sheets with velvet lamination at a local printer in Bhopal, India.

Designed by Deselk Studio

For Deselk Studio personal branding

Business Card Printing
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