Dejabu Theater Business Card

Savanna designed these business cards for Dejabu, a theater company.

Dejabu works with emotion, poetry, human condition, objects and body. Savanna worked with a central axis which they called the queer ‘J’. This element has a variable identity and fits everyone; it’s a whole that embraces diversity.

“We wanted to capture the queerness through the changing or missing ‘J’ from Dejabu. On the other hand, we worked on a contemporary mask for each company member,” said Arrate Rodriguez, the co-founder of Savanna.

It’s important to keep the brand interesting and memorable. The striking colour combinations are a huge bonus to this minimal yet colourful design.

These business cards were silkscreen-printed by El Tintero in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Designed by Savanna


Printed by El Tintero

For Dejabu

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