Davis Row Wedding Planner Business Card

Provoke Design designed these business cards for Davis Row, a wedding planning firm based in New York City.

Davis Row offers wedding planning experience you’ll love, for weddings you dream about. Its tagline is ‘Love the Process’ because wedding preparation should be a joyous experience!

It was Davis Row’s mission to cater to modern, upcoming brides and grooms who were looking for clarity in the wedding planning process. Therefore, it’s important for the visual identity to reflect that while at the same time, an authentic, timeless and elegant image.

Provoke Design managed the brand strategy, brand identity, website and stationery design for the company.

“We built a brand identity that makes it all feel easy, helping to put love back into the process. The result? A wedding that truly reflects who you are,” said Shar, the Creative Director of Provoke.

David Row weddings logoDavis Row seal and logo


Logo Design & Typography

The business card shows the logomark on one side and a clean badge on the other. A slight embossed effect can be seen on the contact’s side to further emphasize the brand’s sophistication and modernity.

Explaining the inspirations behind the logomark, Shar said, “It has a distinctive and beautiful design of a dreamy palatial structure that evokes modernity while still being classic.”

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“It has many meanings, representing the wedding day of the clients, the trusted organization and structure of the brand, and the desired goal of the brand.”

The typography used in the visual identity are Ogg (Regular and Italic) and FS Siena Full Family.

The brand aesthetic mixes a neutral tone palette with soft colours that are dreamy and playful, yet gentle and approachable, just like the process itself.

These business cards were printed on textured paper with embossed printing effect.

Davis Row business card_logoDavis Row StationeryDavis Row_cards2Davis Row_cardsDavis Row wedding plannerDavis Row stationery3Davis Row stationery2Davis Row business card_1

Designed by Provoke Design

For Davis Row

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