David Byerlee Business Card

David Byerlee business card

David Byerlee designed these business cards for his self-branding project, David Byerlee Design. David is a graphic designer and art director based in Australia.

“The logo concept puts emphasis on the letters ‘ID’, representing ‘brand identity elevation’ and point-of-difference,” David explained. “The identity itself, plus the card execution is purposely minimalist. This helped to emphasize the messaging, whilst pushing clean and premium cues.”

David Byerlee blind emboss


These business cards were printed on Colorplan ‘Frost White’ 350gsm by Peacock Print in Adelaide.

The cards were 85 x 55mm, applied with blind emboss and 1-colour (black) print. The blind emboss/deboss allowed for a tactile design, even without colours. Overall, a brilliant design to symbolize creativity and minimalism!

Designed by David Byerlee Design

Printed by Peacock Design & Print

For David Byerlee personal branding

Business Card Printing
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