Daphna Laurens Designer Business Card

Daphna business cards

George&Harrison designed these business cards for Daphna Laurens, a talented Dutch design duo with an international following.

“The client’s beautifully executed products often display characteristic shapes. We documented and simplified these shapes with attention to detail. Then, we used the shapes to form the base of their visual identity, which is as simple as it is elegant,” said Martijn Maas, the Creative Director of George&Harrison.

With a simple typography of the brand’s initials on the front, the back design is all about variants with simple shapes replacing the ‘D’ and ‘L’. Talking about simplicity and variety at the same time!

These business cards were silk-screen printed by George&Harrison at atelier Daglicht, Eindhoven. According to Martijn, “The paper was selected from the Fedrigoni collection and hand(screen)-printed using white and black ink.”


Designed & Printed by George&Harrison

For Daphna Laurens

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