Dandoonz Ceramics Business Card

Dandoonz business card

Fatima Mughal designed these business cards for Dandoonz, a small business that sells handcrafted ceramics in Qatar.

Dandoonz’s products including bowls, platters and planters. Its business card design has a playful typeface, bold details and a welcomingly warm colour palette. All the elements are designed accordingly to add personal touch into the branding.

“My client wishes to portray a feminine touch throughout the brand. She is working as an independent pottery maker, so she is learning new techniques from various workshops,” Fatima said.

Dandoonz logo

Dandoonz thank you card

“Through her brand identity she wants to be remembered by her audience. The playful colour scheme is effectively used to attract her customers.”

The typography used in the visual identity is called The California Serif (by KA Designs), in which Fatima played around with the glyph options, then customised them. It’s a modern looking font that gives the brand an authentic look.

“This was how we formed the letters. The brand name has to be simple and short, so I used the tagline in round text on both sides to add playfulness.”

The client handled the card-printing herself. According to Fatima, the logo on the business card would be engraved for that appealing raised ink finish.

Dandoonz business cardDandoonz packaging

Dandoonz paperDandoonz stickerDandoonz tapeDandoonz Logo

Designed by Fatima Mughal

For Dandoonz

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