Dada Affordable Art Fair Business Card

Dada business card

Gustavo Panichi designed these business cards for Dada, an affordable art fair based in Brazil.

According to Gustavo, Dada came to life in 2017 when local artist named Fábio (a.k.a. FVO) decided the artist community needed an outlet to showcase their work outside the highly hermetic and elitist art gallery scene.

“Fábio called me and requested a branding design as well as the first campaign. What started as an one-off project for a friend became a recurrent outlet for myself as a graphic artist,” Gustavo said.

Dada logo
The name of the fair, Dada, was inspired by the avant-garde movement of Dadaism, especially the collage techniques. The brand was born from the idea of repetition, disassemble and reassemble.

“The client wanted the brand to be minimal and to convey the idea of reuse, cutout, collage and to be modern. Therefore, the visual identity was created based on a single symbol, repeated 4 times and turned 90 degrees, thus creating the letters D and A.”

Dada Affordable Art Fair pattern
Although not involved directly in the card-printing process, Gustavo does foresee the application of Varnish and Spot UV for the patterns (front) and names (back) on the cards.

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Dada business cardDada Affordable Art Fair branding

Designed by Gustavo Panichi

For Dada Affordable Art Fair

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