D.A.S Nails & Beauty Business Card

DAS business cards

Nguyen Thi Phuong Anh designed these business cards for D.A.S Nails & Beauty, a beauty center that provides professional nails care and skincare services in Ho Chi Minh City.

D.A.S uses organic/natural skincare products for all their clients. They wanted to provide a lovely and friendly place for all women to feel self-love, peaceful and comfortable.

The key visual is a combination of lotus petal, lotus bud and water drop. The lotus symbolizes balance, peaceful and pureness.

As for the water drop, it brings fresh, nurturing and relaxing mood.

“My client wanted to add lotus feeling to this brand identity. They wanted their brand to have a nurturing mood; to be modern, fresh, elegant, and feminine.” Phuong Anh explained.

An elegant pattern was formed by the lotus petal veins and it can be seen on all branding items.


The typography used in the visual identity are VL FertigoPro Regular and Asap.

Since the overall design revolves around lotus, it’s only natural to use colour palette that’s matching to the flower as well.

Inspired by lotus bud, light pink was used to represent femininity while green (including dark green and four secondary green colours) expresses calm, fresh and relaxing mood.

DAS business card_5

When asked about the reasons for choosing rounded corners and a square layout for the business card design, Phuong Anh replied, “My client wanted these cards to look fresh, lovely, feminine and friendly. Also, the pattern looks so good in this shape.”

The client handled the card-printing themselves. Here’s what Phuong Anh suggested regarding the possible outcome, “The paper used should be thick (450gsm) while the patterns should be printed via stamping printing technique.”

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DAS_Business card

Designed by Nguyen Thi Phuong Anh at PA Design

For D.A.S Nails & Beauty

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