CURA Brazil Non-Profit Business Card

Taylor Dunham Design made these business cards for CURA Brazil, a non-profit organisation that unites medical practitioners from around the world with local Brazilian volunteers to provide free medical care and community service to people in Brazil.

According to Taylor, the brand name ‘CURA’ stands for CUidado (Care), Respeito (Respect) and Amor (Love) and it seeks to demonstrate these core values through serving others. The business cards were one execution/result of a much larger vision.

“When we began this project, we set out to bring visibility to the need for care, respect and love that CURA embodies. The challenge was that without adequate exposure, CURA struggled with lost opportunity, including unable to raise enough money for volunteer scholarships, equipment or professional talent needed to meet the urgent physical and emotional needs of the community it serves,” Taylor said.

“The branding was inspired by the high energy and vibrancy of Brazilian culture, and the people we’ve been honoured to build relationships with. The outcome of the rebrand – including the new logo, website, business cards and additional print & digital assets – is that CURA is now better able to communicate their mission: inspiring people around the world to join together in supporting their work. They are receiving interest and attention from around the world resulting in increased resources, the ability to recruit skilled volunteers and a 362% increase in annual online donations.”

These business cards were printed by MOO. “We wanted the cards to feel good in your hands, so we chose a thick 16pt paper stock and a soft, velvety finish (Moo’s standard matte finish has a velvety, smooth feel to it),” Taylor added.

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Designed by Taylor Dunham Design


Printed by MOO

For CURA Brazil

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