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Arqétipo Design designed these business cards for Cucaffeto, a Brazilian brand of homemade baked goods.

“Cuca” is the company’s primary product. In addition, the company was founded by a mother-daughter duo.

According to Flávia and Sarah of Arqétipo Design, “Love and affection are present throughout all the business processes of this brand, right up to serving its customers.”

“The brand exists to introduce new flavours to the world, with lots of joy, simplicity, and technique. They want you to have the nostalgic feeling of being at your grandmother’s house as you eat their products!”

Cucaffeto logo


Logo & Typography

The business card design aims to portray Cucaffeto as a cheerful, cosy and homey brand.

There are a lot of thoughts that have been put into the logo design: such as the overlapping letters that add a creative and modern touch, the extended ‘a’ that looks like a hyphen, and the inverted serif of the letter ‘f’ that brings symmetry to the logo.

“We wanted the logo to be playful (but not too much), joyful and warm. The letter ‘o’ was transformed into a pan, representing the culinary niche, and the heart inside represents all the love and affection within the brand,” Flávia and Sarah explained.

Clarendon and Raleway are the typefaces used for the visual identity.

“The Clarendon Bold typeface was chosen because it has a traditional appeal while remaining modern at the same time. The secondary typography, Raleway, is a modern sans serif with an ‘artisanal’ touch, suggesting a serif on its edges.”

Cucaffeto business card

Colour Palette

The colour palette was chosen based on the orange tone. Speaking of the inspiration behind it, Flávia and Sarah said, “The owners really liked this colour and wanted to incorporate it into their brand.”

“The other colours were chosen to transmit a light and playful vibe, associating the brand with the culinary segment. The pattern also fulfils the purpose of being something joyful and homemade.”

When it comes to printing, they suggested, “Cucaffeto’s business cards should be printed using grainy texture paper that has rounded corners. This finishing should represent the brand’s affectionate and artisanal personality.”

Cucaffeto business cardsCucaffeto icons and pattern

Cucaffeto productsCucaffeto packaging

Designed by Arqétipo Design

For Cucaffeto

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