CORE Business Card

David Kozub designed these business cards for CORE – a startup company owned by Michael Rashadeen – which stands for Crawlspace & Outdoor Residential Experts.

David designed the company’s logo and its visual identity. According to him,

“The client does maintenance on ‘the place where no one wants to’. He found a need for this type of work in his hometown and started to push it eventually creating a company. This client trusted me and gave me the full freedom to design the brand.”

“My inspiration came from a simple, flowing typography and after some sketches and hard work – those are the results.”

The word ‘CORE’ is purposely arranged in the center as a way of showing the ‘focal point’ of a great business.

The main colour, red, is the perfect colour choice as it’s striking enough to draw attention, despite this being a minimal business card design.

Designed by David Kozub of Studio-D


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