Continuity Business Card

Continuity business card

781 Studio designed these business cards for Continuity, a company that relocates families or assets to Malta. They can fix literally everything (house, car, insurance, life style etc).

The symbol is a copper element, which is built with the capital letter ‘C’ joined to a pen as an elegant element and an arrow as path and efficiency. All these is to create a logo that exudes luxury.

Continuity logo construction


As for the logo, it is a modern, refined, legible and stylish font that was carefully selected. Also, it has a ligature between letter T and Y that means ‘done deal’.

Continuity logo
The primary colour is white to contrast with the rest of the applications – dark blue. The typeface used for the logo is Sagona.

These business cards were printed on a matte laminate Super paper stock that gives them a silky smooth finish with bronze foil.

Continuity business cardContinuity stationery

Continuity branding

Designed by 781 Studio

For Continuity

Business Card Printing
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