CON.TRO Contemporary Bistrot Business Card

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Fuga Studio designed these business cards for CON.TRO Contemporary Bistrot, a sophisticated yet affordable bistro located in Rome, Italy.

CON.TRO is the place where you can have a slice of pizza or a gourmet dish; a custom cocktail or a delicious haute patisserie dessert.

The business card is designed to express a sophisticated, welcoming feel.

CONTRO business card3CONTRO logo design

Speaking of the design inspirations, “It all started with a few interior design renderings, with which we fell in love immediately: the black and white marble chevron floorings, the dark green walls, the vintage style armchairs, touches of gold here and there,” said Giulia Santopadre, the Co-Founder of Fuga Studio.

“The logo and subsequent visual identity came consistently, with its geometric patterns and high contrast colours.”

The typography used for the business card design including a custom designed font (for the logotype ‘CON.TRO’) and Adobe Caslon Pro.

CONTRO cards_1Contro typography

Apart from that, CON.TRO also hands out these special cards (70x100mm) with the bill. They are just as stunning and even work as a different version of ‘business card’ for the company. The text written on it says ‘tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you if I like you’. Pretty neat!

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CON.TRO’s business cards were printed by NostroInchiostro, a printing company in Rome.

“The cards were letterpress printed in pantone 560 on Fedrigoni Materica Verdigris 360g, with champagne foil,” Giulia said.

CONTRO card_1CONTRO business card9CONTRO coastersCONTRO packagingCONTRO brandingCONTRO packaging2Contro signage

Designed by Fuga Studio

Photographed by Gioia Maruccio

Printed by NostroInchiostro

For CON.TRO Contemporary Bistrot

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