Cohesif Consulting Business Card

Andrew Diete-koki designed these business cards for Cohesif, a consulting firm that offers information products to small business owners.

Speaking of the client, “Cohesif’s business will intersect brands, intellectual property and innovation. They will empower and help small and mid-size business to visualize, realize, protect and enforce their rights,” Andrew said.

“The key part of the consultancy is to offer information about intellectual property and innovation through an education platform called ‘What IF…?’. The ‘IF’ is a playoff of the brand name ‘CohesIF’. We took the direction of using the initial ‘C’ of the brand name and ‘?’ (Question Mark) to create the logo. It’s a simple mark but it captures the brand’s essence; taking the Problem/Solution, If/Then or Question/Answer perspective.”

The primary colours used are blue and red (wild watermelon), each with its own interpretation for the brand. Blue represents trustworthiness and dependability whereas red represents energy and enthusiasm, which are all essential qualities when helping small/mid-size businesses.

As for the pattern used throughout Cohesif’s branding materials, Andrew explained, “It’s actually made from the seamlessly combining the ‘C’ part of the logo. The elements are further combined to form a new element in a way reflecting that your business will intersect brands.”

These business cards come in both vertical and horizontal layouts.

Designed by Andrew Diete-koki at Plogged

For Cohesif, LLC


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