Coffee Mood Business Card

Coffee Mood business card

Evgeniya Sitova designed these business cards for Coffee Mood, a small coffee shop in the city center with exquisite premium service that is currently under construction.

The overall visual identity is clean and elegant. Evgeniya developed the corporate identity including designing the brand’s logo, packaging and business cards as well.

Coffee Mood logo


Speaking of the logotype, she said, “A more familiar font was used, chosen from the classic fonts with a thin typeface – the Circe. It was taken as basis, and styled with slight revision.”

Apart from the smooth logotype, Evgeniya added a few other graphic elements (such as the lever of an espresso machine) to evoke the feeling of needing that freshly-brewed, favourite coffee of yours while enhancing the brand image further with a combination of gold and coffee-themed colour palette.

Coffee Mood coffee cups
“We use colours closer on pastel shades and coffee symbols. A graphic element is used that further reinforces the concept of fresh and unique cue. It can also work separately as a memorable item. Each colour layer of the pattern is associated with different types of coffee drink,” she explained.

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “The logo will be made with a gold effect. The paper itself will be matte and tactile; pleasant to the touch, dense. The reverse is flesh-colored, cappuccino-colored and the graphic element from the logo will also be gold,” Evgeniya suggested.

coffee mood business cardscoffee mood business card_front


Designed by Evgeniya Sitova

For Coffee Mood

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