Coffee DNA Business Card

Coffee DNA business card

Extra Narrative designed these business cards for Coffee DNA, as part of the branding project for The Nomad Shop.

According to Felix, the co-founder of Extra Narrative, this card is a ‘Coffee DNA’ card on one side, and business card of ‘The Nomad Shop’ on the other side.

“The card is designed multi-functional. It is used as both a coffee description and a business card. We want to make the card more useful rather than providing company information only.”

Coffee DNA business cards2Coffee DNA brandingCoffee DNA typography
“The card is to be given along with the coffee bean or drip coffee products sold by The Nomad Shop. The card is universal that some areas are left blank to be written on.”

The overall design has a retro vibe. The typography used in the visual identity are DIN-MediumItalic and Anton Regular. The logo and the Chinese characters on the back of the card are customized typeface designed by Extra Narrative.

These business cards were printed by PNP press based in Shanghai.

“The business cards were printed by using riso printer. We were addicted to the feelings and the colours of riso printing,” Felix said.


Coffee DNA_frontCoffee DNA_business card_frontCoffee DNA businesscards

Designed by Extra Narrative

Printed by PNP Press

For Coffee DNA

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