CoCo Pastry Business Card

CoCo business cards

Andrijana Miladinovic designed these business cards for CoCo, a new brand of pastry and sweets.

“The client wanted simple but catchy visual identity. Letters of the logo were inspired by dessert in the shape of a circle which the client makes. After making those letters, I easily connected them in the logo,” Andrijana said.

“Their sweets are colourful, so I coloured each letter with different colour. Background colours are simple, brown for chocolate and light yellow for vanilla. The logo itself was used to create the patterns.”

CoCo logoCoCo business cards_front

The typography used in this branding project are Typo Slab font for the contact information and Notera font for the slogan ‘Make your day sweet’.

When asked about the inspiration behind the special card shape, Andrijana replied, “As the logo itself was originated from a circle and a semicircle, it was logical that the business card would be in circle shape. This is the moment where the idea of making business card that looks like a cookie was born.”

She explained further, “Upper half of the back of business card is coloured to look like vanilla glaze, and the pattern is for colourful decoration. The rest of the space is painted in brown, so we got chocolate cookie with vanilla glaze and colourful decoration.”

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When it comes to card-printing, “To emphasize the ‘vanilla glaze’, I recommended the client to use glossy paper for printing that part of business card,” Andrijana suggested.

CoCo business cardsCoCo pattern_1CoCo pattern_3CoCo pattern_2CoCo pattern_4 CoCo bars

Designed by Andrijana Miladinovic

For CoCo

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