Clara L Personal Branding Business Card

Clara L business card

Alexandre Piétra designed these business cards for Clara L’s personal branding, which also serves as part of her job application package that includes logo, envelope etc.

Clara’s business card design is striking and classy. The colour palette used – black, grey and white – is timeless and perfect for creating a visual identity that’s professional, minimal and somewhat dynamic.

Clara L logo


Speaking of the design inspiration, Alexandre explained, “The client wanted a ‘wave’ to be included someway in the logo to represent her character – strong but quiet at the same time. Therefore, I decided to create a logo combining the client’s initials, C+L, including the wave which can be subtly seen.”

The logo, which is also the monogram of the client’s name, covers a big area on one side of the card. The lettering is stylish and memorable! Clara’s contact info on the other side remains brief and minimal; while her name and logo been printed in white colour, standing out from the black/grey background on both sides. The entire visual identity exudes elegance and style!

Clara L business cardsClara L envelopeClara L branding

Clara L envelopes

Designed by Alexandre Piétra

For Clara L

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