Claire Money Personal Branding Business Card

Claire Money businesscards

Ben Mottershead and Claire Money designed these business cards for Claire’s personal branding as a freelance creative artworker and window designer.

When been asked about the brand’s background and the design process, Ben replied, “Claire had decided to leave her full-time role to pursue a career within interior design. However, as the move would also mean a complete industry change she recognized that the best approach would be to freelance in the field she had worked within while looking for interior based opportunities.”

“The designs of the cards had to therefore not only reflect Claire’s vibrant personality, but also showcase her love for 3D spaces, playful design and be able to adapt to both industries so a complete refresh wasn’t required when she eventually began to acquire interior design projects.”

Speaking more about the inspiration behind the card design, Ben continued, “The patterns, therefore, stemmed from experimenting with the idea of 3D space and also thinking about what could be customized easily if needed by using different patterns shapes etc.”

By utilizing spot UV, Ben and Claire were able to create the illusion of a 3D object upon a flat design. The outcome is spectacular!

“Using various print processes also showcased Claire’s industry knowledge of art-working, meaning that regardless of the industry Claire found herself networking within, the cards would communicate effectively.”

“The colours of Red and Pink were chosen to make sure that the branding stayed feminine, but didn’t feel cheesy and maintained a premium but playful aesthetic. As Claire wanted to be able to approach a range of clientele, giving off the right tone of voice was vital,” Ben said.

These business cards were printed by MOO on a 400gsm paper stock, with a spot UV finish on the reverse.

Claire Money business card

Designed by Ben Mottershead & Claire Money

Printed by MOO

For Claire Money

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