Cincin Illustration Business Card

Cincin business card

Cincin designed these business cards for her self-branding as an illustrator and story teller.

“This business card design is for my own self, therefore there are lots of personal touch with it,” Cincin said. “I wish the colours to show who I am, and the texture and thickness of the card would grab people’s attention while it is in a big pile of other business cards.”

It sure does! Let it be the adorable self-portrait or the lovely polka-dots, it’s so easy for Cincin’s card to stand out and be recognizable.

Cincin illustration
Speaking more of her design inspiration, Cincin explained, “The illustration on the back side – the pumpkin head – is my personal portrait. I do have the same colour of scarf as well. The colour palette I have chosen is the combination of what I am obsessed with this year. I actually just did an exhibition based on the same palette right now in Taipei.”

Cincin card_front pattern
“As for the polka-dots, I decided to put them on the other side of the card to make it a bit childish, toyish-like. Again, I think the reason I made that decision was because I wanted people to find this card easily from a giant box of cards.”


These business cards were offset printed by Rfoot, a printing company based in Taiwan. “The cards were printed on Ivory card, which is high quality uncoated paper. The texture is humbly rough and it shows a bit of the texture of the paper itself,” Cincin added.

Cincin business card

Designed by Cincin

Printed by rfoot x print

For Cincin Illustration personal branding

Business Card Printing
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