Cihan Tamti Business Card

Cihan Tamti business card

Cihan Tamti designed these business cards for his personal branding as a graphic designer based in Bochum, Germany.

“I made this custom typography with the ligatures at the bottom. Usually you have ligatures always on top of the letters. This describes my way of working well since I really love doing unusual things and breaking rules,” Cihan explained when asked about the design inspiration behind the catchy lettering.

“Anyway, it has an oriental vibe as well with the ligatures at the bottom which fits really good to my Turkish roots, even if I was born and raised in Germany.”

These business cards were digitally printed. According to Cihan, “Honestly, my friend, Filippos Fragkogiannis, helped me to find the right printer in Greece. The paper used for printing has a nice texture of fine sand. It’s the Desiree Red from Collection Matter.”

Cihan Tamti business cards


Designed by Cihan Tamti

For Cihan Tamti personal branding

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