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ChismoPan business card1

Sergio Figares designed these business cards for ChismoPan, a company that produces paper bags for bakeries and commercialized space for neighborhood ads.

“These are printed with 100% ecological inks and space is allocated to promote causes of social interest,” Sergio said.

“We wanted the visual identity to be vintage, going back to the time when the city had a neighborhood life and in which the neighbors were chatting on the sidewalk while going to the local market (“Chismo” is a term similar to “gossip”).”

“We wanted the brand to have a vintage feel to it, it should transmit the aroma of freshly baked bread, and reminisce of Grandma’s kitchen.”

ChismoPan business card_4

These business cards were printed by Insprinta.

“We were looking for a warm, textured cardboard in contrast to the more cold coated,” Sergio said.

“We found a great solution in the 300g ‘Solar White’, a very nice and elegant paper to the touch, not rustic but with a cozy feel to it.”

A creative, vintage business card design that sends the message across!

ChismoPan business card_2

Designed by Sergio Figares of Brandalia

Printed by Insprinta

For ChismoPan

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