Chiara Campagnola Makeup Artist Business Card

Chiara Makeup Artist business cards

Giulia Desiato designed these business cards for Chiara Campagnola, a certified make-up artist in Sirmione, Italy.

A makeup artist’s business card needs to be stylish and contemporary. Giulia made sure of that, and used a pictogram and a modified font to represent Chiara’s brand in an elegant way without drawing attention away from her name.


Two Makeup Brushes for the Logo Design

The logo was created using the simple lines of two familiar makeup tools.

“I made a stylized brush and a mascara brush as a pictogram to make everything intuitive,” Giulia said.

“The reason why these brushes were chosen was to imprint the brand on Chiara’s customers and her familiarity with these makeup tools.”

Chiara Makeup Artist pictogram


A Classy Logotype for a Makeup Artist

Giulia chose a clean and elegant font for the logotype, customising its strokes to make them look unique and emphasized.

“I wanted the logotype to express femininity, elegance and sinuosity, which reflects Chiara’s work in a simple but refined way.”

“The client’s work is in contact with aesthetics and beauty. Consequently, the logo had to take on these characteristics: aesthetic shrewdness, beauty, elegance and avant-garde.”

Chiara Makeup Artist logotype


A Black/Purple Colour Palette

The use of black and purple in business card designs has long been associated with elegance. In this case, it was the client’s request to use them as well.

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“Very Peri (purple) is not just the client’s favourite colour but also a trending colour this year,” Giulia explained.

The colour purple is linked with creativity, whereas black represents elegance.”

“Both colours work well in conveying Chiara’s nature of business: a creative makeup artist who uses her skills and tools to give her customers great results.”

“Chiara also wants to keep her professionalism and appearance classy with these colours, while distinguishing herself from any unrecognized make-up artist.”

These business cards were printed on a durable 400gsm classic demimatt – matt coated paper.


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Designed by Giulia Desiato

For Chiara Campagnola

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