Chantilly Bakery Business Card

Chantilly business cards

Nimeesha Kishnani designed these business cards for Chantilly, a French-inspired local café and bakery.

The concept of the design was based on a fresh and authentic local café and bakery. The aim of the visual identity was to reflect a creative and cosy place.

Chantilly logo
Presented alongside the loyalty cards, the business cards come in variety in which the patterns were creatively illustrated to match the authenticity and creativity of the brand. The colours were beautifully selected as well, with mint green and purple tones stand out the most.

“The loose single line illustration and the bright colour palette used throughout the elements add a welcoming, friendly and relaxed personality. The logo was inspired by latte art,” Nimeesha said.

As a result, the visual identity reflects the idea of a cheerful yet elegant, warm and calm place where people can feel at home.

Chantilly colour palette and logos

The typeface used for the logotype is called Backslash and Nimeesha paired it with a sans serif font called Futura New.

These business cards are not printed but if they were, here’s what Nimeesha envisioned, “I think the cards would look great on thick cardstock paper because most of the time, people have these in their purses or wallets. Therefore, it should not get damaged or bent easily.”


“Also, the logo could have a holographic effect – it would be fun, add a lot of personality, and goes well with the concept of the brand,” she added.

Chantilly business cardsChantilly sign and illustrationsChantilly tote bag and pinsChantilly packaging designs

Designed by Nimeesha Kishnani

For Chantilly

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