Casulo Hostel Business Card

Casulo business cards

Mateus Araújo designed these business cards for Casulo, a hostel located on Grussaí beach, in São João da Barra, state of Rio de Janeiro.

“The goal of the proposal is to provide public accommodation that is distinct, warm, welcoming, and affordable. The house is a family heirloom, but it is also a place where many friends and acquaintances gather,” Mateus explained.

“It used to be a summer residence, but now it’s a public space where people can exchange affections, experiences, and cultural projects.”

Casulo Hostel logo

Brand Name & Symbol

The name ‘Casulo’ actually means ‘cocoon’ in Portuguese. However, here it indicates a fresh start, renewal, nature and reception.

“The identity of Casulo can be defined by three words: transformation, liberation, and connection. The brand expresses its beliefs visually and textually to strengthen its position and attract a young, open-minded audience who shares the same values and can express themselves freely.”

“It’s a brand that combines African influences with a touch of Brazilianness, demonstrating that Casulo is not only a place to be or enjoy, but also to learn and evolve,” Mateus said.

The symbolic representation of the cocoon was inspired by the popular woodcut, a printing technique that uses a wood as a matrix to reproduce an image engraved on paper. It also refers to the artisanal work widely used in Cordel literature.

casulo branding_1

Typography & Colours

The business card design is artistic, and its vertical layout is perfect for the illustration and various text arrangements.

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“The logo was designed to be versatile. The letters formed are dynamic, expressing a youthful and deconstructed brand.”

“In the spirit of the space’s diversity and multiculturalism, the name was formed by combining various types of letters. Each letter depicts a social profile, implying that we are a mix of things that make us who we are. We are many, not one, as the brand conveys.”

Casulo logo

The colour palette was carefully chosen to bring life to the identity. According to Mateus, it is influenced by three aspects: Cordel literature, Afro-Brazilian culture and its representative elements, as well as the essence of summer.

“Joy and warmth are present in this harmonious colour chart made up of earthy tones, where they are responsible for establishing sensations linked to belonging,” he added.

All in all, this is an eye-catching and memorable business card design that’s bound to capture people’s attention.

Casulo business cardsCasulo Hostel menuCasulo badgescasulo branding_2

Designed by Mateus Araújo

For Casulo Hostel

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