Casa Liebre Restaurant Business Card

Casa Liebre business cards2

Algoritmo Design designed these business cards for Casa Liebre, a farm to table restaurant and boutique hotel located in Parras, Coahuila, México. It is founded by Chef Andrea Martínez.

“Parras is the oldest wine region in the American continent. We found centuries-old culinary traditions, beautiful landscapes and new memories to be made there. Casa Liebre was born to be a junction in this historic place, a main component of a larger cultural and regional tapestry,” said Norma Coker, the co-founder of Algoritmo Design.

“The objective of the branding project was to share the beauty that comes from protecting and nurturing the ecosystems, natural heritages and local culture.”

Casa Liebre logo

The word ‘liebre’ means ‘hare’ in Spanish, thus the rabbit illustration in the logo.

The typography used in the visual identity are Alte Haas Grotesk and Harbour.

According to Norma, these modern typography were influenced by Latin characters without being limited to a single logo.


“The stamps of Casa Liebre were inspired by antique cigar labels and 1900’s packaging in Mexico.”

These business cards were printed by Algoritmo Design’s in-house print workshop.

“We used cotton acid free paper and letterpress finishing, soft on touch with an organic and natural feel,” Norma said.

Casa Liebre business cards

Designed by Algoritmo Design (Norma Coker, Karla Cruz and Jesus Lopez)

Bio: Algoritmo Design is a brand consulting agency from Sonora but currently based in Monterrey, Mexico. It was founded by Norma Coker and Karla Cruz. Their Creative Director and partner is Jesus Lopez. 

Printed by Algoritmo Design

For Casa Liebre

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