Carry On Queen Personal Branding Business Card

Carry on Queen business card

Brent Flink designed these unique business cards for Carry On Queen, an adventure travel blog for people who are passionate about authentic experiences.

The blog belongs to Mary Charleson, an adventure traveler/writer who’ve been travelling with just one carry-on bag!

Therefore, it’s a brilliant idea for Brent to come up with this fascinating concept for Mary’s new visual identity.

Brent said, “l was inspired by an online search for luggage stickers and tags and loved the look of retro luggage tags.”

“I discovered an online tag printer that printed these sort of tags, complete with grommets and elastic strings and pitched the idea to the client.”

“Thankfully, she was as excited as I was by the concept.”


The business cards/tags will be printed in 2 colours on 13pt manilla tags with grommets and elastic strings. Frankly, we can’t wait to see the final results!

Designed by Brent Flink from Flink Creative

For Carry On Queen

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