Carmelo Garrido Business Card

Jordi Ensenyat Disseny, a graphic design studio from Barcelona designed these business cards for a house painter named Carmelo Garrido.

“Within a small team of creatives, we create all kind of graphic design stuff for companies all around the world, such as  logos, business cards, brochures and also custom web design and developing. Our client was looking for a distinctive business cards design. Since most of these kind of occupations are usually providing really average and boring business card designs, we approached the design by aiming for a more distended look,” Jordi said.

“We chose to go for a vector illustrations of some of the most common painting tools. We also made an alternative one: a full gradient business card,” Jordi added.

These business cards were digitally printed by Ibelcolor using 300gr paper, completed with colored edges.

Designed by Jordi Ensenyat Disseny


Printed by Ibelcolor

For Carmelo Garrido

Business Card Printing
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