Caravan Interiors Business Card

Mubien Studio designed and printed these beautiful business cards for Caravan Interiors, a famous architecture and interior studio run by Ana Carbó de Haya.

Having worked with online and offline clients around the world, Ana needed a premium stationery to impress her clients with big projects. Ana loves pale pink color and copper, which is why Mubien Studio chose a combination of Gmund Bee Pink 300g and Gmund Gold Rich Copper 310g for her handmade business cards and corporate folder – all covered with different hotfoil stampings in white, copper and metallic pink.

The results were impressive! The foiled edges create a shiny design when you look from the side, leaving a lasting impression while portraying elegance and professionalism at the same time.

Designed by Mubien Studio

Printed by Mubien Studio

For Caravan Interiors

Business Card Printing
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